Getting Started

Welcome to why on earth...? Getting started couldn’t be easier.

1) Watch the short introductory video on the homepage. For more information, check out the FAQs.

2) If you’re new to leading a small group, Leading a Small Group has helpful guidelines. It also contains specific recommendations for leading a why on earth… ? group.

3) To get ready for the first session, click on the sample session why on earth... faith v science? There you’ll find the Leader’s Notes for the session, including details of any equipment you’ll need, plus a Session Sheet for group members. These should all be downloaded and printed (one copy of the Leader’s Notes for the group leader, one Session Sheet for every group member). You’ll also find the animated video to be used in the session. This can be played ‘live’ via an internet connection, or downloaded and played without an internet connection.*

4) To access other sessions you will need to register and log in (free of charge). After that, the format of each session is the same as the sample session.

5) Sessions are all self-contained and can be done in any order.

* NOTE: If internet access is not available, copies of all materials and videos are available on disk for £5. Contact: or phone 0300 123 2113 and ask for the Marketing Team.